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Using the Rock & Roll putting aid will encourage you to use the shoulders to stroke the putt. Also with practice, using the Rock & Roll putting aid, you will soon develop the natural rise angle required to achieve optimal top spin and roll.

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Fits most putter types.
Fits both left and right handed putters.


Success in putting is having a consistent and repeatable stroke. The Rock & Roll putting aid promotes & ingrains the use of the shoulders (the big muscles) to maintain a more consistent stroke.

Accuracy & Distance Control

The Rock & Roll putting aid was developed to optimize the rocking motion of the shoulders, thus promoting a wrist free shoulder stroke. This combination will immediately promote more accuracy and distance control.

Putting Training Made Easy

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Rock & Roll By Putting Pal Golf

This is the first putting aid on the market that incorporates the use of your alignment rods as an integral part of the putting training process. Using the fiberglass alignment rods, they can contour to different body shapes and widths for more comfort and effectiveness.

Simply snap the Rock & Roll putting aid to the lower part of the putter.  Insert your alignment rods, then rock and roll your way to achieving the putting stroke used by Tour Professionals worldwide.

Meet The Inventor: Ken Collins

Ken Collins, Master Clubfitter with over 44 years of experience in the golf industry, is dedicated to helping golfers play their best. He believes in playing a vital role in keeping the art, the traditions, and integrity of putter fitting alive.

In the late 80’s Ken became a Charter Member of the “Professional Clubmakers’ Society”.  As a member of the PCS, Ken conducted several workshops and seminars on professionally fitting putters and teaching the putting stroke.

With a properly fit putter, it was much easier to develop a consistent putting stroke. This led Ken to develop the Rock & Roll putting training aid – the most effective putting aid on the market today. 

Ken Collins

Easy To Setup

Attach & Align

Clip to putter shaft approximately 5″ to 9″ from the bottom, making sure the two holes for the alignment rods are pointing up towards the grip. Square the Rock & Roll putting aid so that it is perpendicular to the putter face.

Putting Pal Golf Easy Setup

Connect Alignment Rods

Insert the alignment rods into the two holes on the Rock & Roll putting aid.

Putting Pal Golf Setup

Place Alignment Rods

Place the alignment rods under each arm. Grab the putter under the alignment rods. Slowly start rocking your shoulders back and forth.

Watch our 30 second video setup!

30 Second Video Setup

Five Easy Steps To Better Putting


Start by getting into your natural posture.


Slowly rock your shoulders back and forth. One inch of shoulder rock will equate to approximately 5 inches of putter head movement. If you feel like the putter goes outside the line on the backstroke, you are using your hands or arms to make the stroke.


Start rocking your shoulders without the use of a golf ball. In a short while, start making some putts with a golf ball. Now try to repeat that feel.


With time and practice, using the Rock & Roll putting aid, you will be able to control the back and follow through for more consistent accuracy and distance control.


Periodically you can take out the alignment rods and place them on the ground. Create a parallel track, slightly wider than the putter head. Practice your new stroke without the help of the guide.
Re-insert the rods as needed and keep practicing!

Proudly Made In America

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Make More Putts

Rock & Roll to Better Golf!

Rock & Roll
by Putting Pal Golf

(alignment rods not included)


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  • Build A Repeatable Putting Stroke

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